Infinite love

Infinite love


Sometimes in the chaos of life, we forget…

Forget about things that matter,

Matter the most to the heart…

Heart that seems to be running

Running to catch up with time

Time that is “infinite”

Infinite yet bound to the mind

Mind that in these moments of reflections, is set free…

Free to remember what matter…who matters…and why…

Why it is so easy to be,

Be without this constant race that we feel,

Feel we need to survive to feel real, but…

But life is about those little things,

Things that make our heart smile

Smile with the people we love

Love that transcends all barriers

Barriers we have created with time

Time that is infinite…

Infinite like love.



I act like I’m the bigger perfect,

Like I’m doing it for the greater good,

But the truth I’m not so noble,

But for the truth,I’m not in the mood.

I say its fine,
Push u away with a smile,

Tell you to be with your other friends,

Internally screaming all the while.

When i talk to you,

Don’t you hear the twige in my voice?

The tell in my eyes,

My own way to beg without loosing poise?

If you could hear the pleads,

Its a prayer you’ll intercept,

With a flimsy smile and a laugh,

I’m begging you to protest   .

Just tell me to stop,

Talking about that kind of thinking,

That you want me to stick around,

No matter what they think.

But you just agree,

You don’t say a word ,

And all along the truth was,

I don’t know how to beg.


F-fight for you

R-respect you

I-include you 

E-encourage you

N-need you

D-deserve you

S-stand by you

One hand in mine,my hand in thine

We walk through life’s stark shadow,

Two as one and one combine,

To fight the night’s dark battle.

My strength to thee,and thine to mine,

Our favour never fallow,

Two friends are one by co-design

To face our common tomorrow.

I pledge my trust,thy trust is mine,

Through life’s deep joy and sorrow, 

One for all and all align

And this our common motto.

Best friends of mine,and mine to thine,

No greater love to follow,

Two as one and one define

A friendship to the marrow.


Why I’m i always chasing after starts out of reach in the sky?

when my wings are broken and useless,

and i don’t even know how to fly?

Why do i stare at the heavens

and wish for angels in the clouds?

when I’m trapped on the cold earth 

and rooted firm in the desolate ground?

What would the galaxies want

with a wandering soul in the dark?

when there are comets among the planets,

that leave sparkling trails in their hearts?

I’ll cut out a sail from my dreams,

and crash my cracked ship in the sea.

i doubt there’ll be any stars in the heaven 

that will shine in remembrance of me .


If i showed you my teardrop,

Would u collect them like rain,

Store them in jars,

That are labelled with “pain”

Would you follow their tracks,

From my eyes down my cheeks,

As they write all the stories,

I’m too scared to speak,

Would you stop them with kisses,

Bring their flow to a halt,

As you teach me that pain,

Isn’t always my fault,

Would you hold my face gently,

As you dry both my eyes,

And whisper the words…”your too precious to cry”,

If i showed you my teardrop

Would you show me your own,

And learn though we’re lonely,

We’re never alone.

A black benz

Slithers smoothly

Through the black night

Like the water snake

Into the Nile,

Listen to it purring

Like a hopeful leopard

Listen to its

Love song

The soft poem

That embraces the valleys

And caresses the hills….
The grasses

On the pathway

Hiss in protest,

The shrubs scratch

Its ribs

With their nails,
Foxes hit the windscreen

With their laughter,

Dogs whine

And sharpen their teeth,

The gods riddle the car

With yellow arrows

Of starlight….


If only I knew how’s it going to be

If only when I try to fix things, they became better

If only I was certain of how others feel

And if only people believed what I say…

If I knew how to show what I really felt

If I knew how to make people understand

If I knew how to make them believe

If I knew how to make them happy

If making people happy doesn’t leave me sad

If making them understand doesn’t make me an ignorant

If making them believe doesn’t make me a liar

And if letting them know how I feel doesn’t leave me numb

Things would’ve never reached that point

I know I would be in a much happier place

No one would ever blame me for not caring

No one would blame me for not thinking

That’s life ….You’re never certain

You never know, you’re never sure

You’re not going to live that dream of yours

And life would never be “trouble free”

You have to live with what you have

You try to fix the broken glass

You try to collect the shattered pieces

You make the best of everyday

It’s like a train that never stops

Keep going through life without pausing

Just live each day and throw it behind you

Don’t look back or you’ll break your neck !